Baby Cast Kit

Create a perfect 3D replica of your baby’s hand and foot.
Our unique rubbery-type moulding agent captures every tiny detail, unique to every baby and precious to every parent.
Preserve every precious detail of your baby with this three dimensional casting kit.
The unique rubbery-type mould material replicates every fine detail with stunning accuracy
The mould material is not-toxic, non-allergenic, and is 100% biodegradable.
This casting kit includes everything you need to produce the final product.
You will receive:
Moulding Powder to make 2 moulds
Enough Casting Stone powder to create 2 Casts
Full instructions
The mould is made and cast in the the supplied tub

Mom & Me Cast Kit

A truly stunning cast that really shows how tiny your little one is.

This is a timeless piece and will be sure to be a talking piece for years.

Everything is included to produce this cast.

Couple Cast Kit

Amazingly fun and easy to do Kit.

This will allow you to do 2 adult hands together.

It is ideal for Best Friends, Engagements, Couples or any two people who have a connection and want to immortalise their connection.