Baby Framed Casting

This makes a perfect memory to hang on the nursery room wall, or give away as gifts to Grandma.
For those who are concerned that they can’t do the casting themselves, or just prefer that someone does it for them….

I will come to your home, when it’s convenient for the baby / child, so that we catch them on the right moment. (after sleeps /feeds /bath, etc).

Making the mould literally takes a few minutes. With my experience, I will make sure your child is not traumatised, and be done before they even realise what’s happening.

The moulds get taken away, cast, dried and prepared for framing and mounted in the frame. If you like, a photo may be supplied to include in the frame. Typically, I use a white A4 frame, do for casts (both feet and hands).

Depending on how quickly they dry, you will have the frame back in a week or two.

Price: R1500

Book your casting at home (Cape Town Only)


  • Family hands
  • Pregnancy Casting
  • Body Casting

Having a cast in your likeness, is an awesome thing to have.
It does capture a moment(and memory) at a time in your life, and will be frozen that way for a very long time.

Depending on what is required, will determine how much time is needed. The materials I use vary, and will depend on the application and your requirements.
A pregnancy mould, for instance, would take about an hour. I would then take it away, cast, prepare, and if needed, paint.

The casts will be ready to hang on a wall, once I have finished.
Typically, the whole process for the larger casts, would take about 3 to 4 weeks till delivery.

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