Discover Memories you can Hold, with Kairos-Mould’s Casting Kits.

Crafting a hand cast is a meaningful way to celebrate special moments.

Couple hands ♥ Family hands ♥ Milestones ♥ Mother’s Day ♥ Father’s Day ♥ Anniversaries ♥ Memorial hands 

We genuinely believe that building strong relationships with our customers is the cornerstone of our success. Your feedback serves as a vital guide in our ongoing pursuit of excellence, ensuring that we continue to deliver the exceptional service you deserve.

These stand-alone sculptures provide a touchable link that can be touched and treasured forever. Capture a moment shared with someone special, preserving it forever with Kairos-Mould’s Casting Kits.

At Kairos-Moulds, we use Lab Grade casting materials. Our casting kits are  skin-safe. You create your treasure with just a few minutes.

And here’s the best part –  Once your total exceeds R1000, enjoy added bonus of free delivery straight to your doorstep.

Create lasting memories with Kairos-Mould’s Casting Kits!

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  • positive review  As always excellent service from Carl

    Karin E Smit Avatar Karin E Smit
  • positive review  really friendly and helpful... Carl went out of his way to help me.... love the concept

    Carolyn Schumann Avatar Carolyn Schumann
  • positive review  absolutely amazing service, I was under a deadline to complete a very unique mould of a hand for a end of year trophy. After a mess up on my part Carl went out of his way to assist me in getting the right solution for what I needed.

    Joshua Roode Avatar Joshua Roode
  • positive review  Quick responce to my call. Package arrived promptly. The instructions were clear. Follow up questions were answered patiently. A great satisfaction and pride in the completed project. ..such a novel and different gift for someone dear. Thank you for my new hobby!

    Diana Atherton Avatar Diana Atherton
  • positive review  Absolutely great service and product. Highly recommended

    Tanya Hamman Calitz Avatar Tanya Hamman Calitz
  • positive review  It is fun. I have done the hands of my 4 granddaughters together. Their ages range from 2 months to 18 years. Precious!!

    Franci Van Heerden Muller Avatar Franci Van Heerden Muller
  • positive review  Most friendly and efficient service i have received in a long time. Would definitely recommend.

    Daniëlle Kellerman Avatar Daniëlle Kellerman
  • positive review  Great and efficient service from Carl, lovely gift idea!

    Gail Cummings Avatar Gail Cummings
  • positive review  Absolutely exceptional service! 🤩Carl went out of his way to deliver our order in record time and was kind enough to spend time with our daughter discussing her art project and what she hoped to achieve. The project was a massive success thanks to the brilliant product AND wonderful after sales support, what a fantastic experience! Thank you so much 👏

    Tanya McDade Haffern Avatar Tanya McDade Haffern
  • positive review  This product is amazing! We got excellent service from Carl at Kairos and the package arrived promptly. We made a replica of my 4 day old daughter’s hands and feet and it will be a treasure we will keep for the rest of her life. I love seeing it next to her sister’s hands and feet

    Lizelle Schoeman Avatar Lizelle Schoeman
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Couple hands ♥ Family hands ♥ Milestones ♥ Mother’s Day ♥ Father’s Day ♥ Anniversaries ♥ Memorial hands