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Baby Cast Kit Create a perfect 3D replica of your baby’s hand and foot. Our unique rubbery-type moulding agent captures every tiny detail, unique to every baby and precious to every parent. Preserve every precious detail of your baby with this three dimensional casting kit. The unique rubbery-type mould material replicates every fine detail with stunning accuracy The mould material is not-toxic, non-allergenic, and is 100% biodegradable. This casting kit includes everything you need [...]

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Dreams for kids

We all have dreams for our children. We would all like to see them achieved something we ourselves were not able to. There comes a time, that we pause to reflect on our little ones, and who they really are. It may be at 2am, while changing a nappy, or breastfeeding. Sometimes that moment is forced on us, through illness or death. It’s then that we are able to see a child who is content to [...]

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