I am posting this mini blog to show the incredible detail that is captured by our products.

At a barbecue, recently, we decided to test some of the materials, and had an impromptu casting of “N’s” face and hand. She really wanted to see the rings on her finger, and if they would come out, disolve, or have to be removed from her finger!!! As it turned out, she didn’t have to remove them at all. No they didn’t disolve or tarnish, either!

To do her face, we cut out a paper plate, and greased up her eyebrows and eylashes. Then I proceeded to pur the moudling gel over her face, and quickly scoop the runs up, to make sure everything was covered. Then I put a plaster shell over the top.

This girl is claustrafobic, apparently, but she managed incredibly well.

Here are the pictures: