As we all know from high school, energy can only be converted from one form to another. Some of these forms are useful others are not. It is up to us humans to find ways to convert the energy into a useful form.

If we apply the same logic to value we can find the same wisdom. Value in business is a lucrative substance that is difference defined by each person. In the business world the normal concept is that value must be created for the client. All agree that when a client experience value, he/she will convert that value into a monetary form for the business, which can use it again to create further value for the client. Just in this explanation the circle of value is obvious?

What I query of this model is where does the first step of value creation start. In the above theory it starts with something that the business does for the client. But where does, whatever the business use, come from? This now sounds like the big bang theory – what was just before the big bang….?

I want to make the statement that value was never created, it already existed. Value is when the abilities of a person are converted into a product (including a service) which are used by another person and he/she experiences that value as added to his/her life.

Our abilities are in us. We were created by the Creator with certain talents. It is for us to live out these talents to the benefit (value) to others. To sustain yourself with this value that we create for others through acting our abilities or talents, needs to be returned. It is like trying to dig a hole in water. The more you dig out, the more the water flows back. The return of value to our life will be in the form that we choose it to be. In business it will be money and profit, in a non-profit it might be the satisfaction to see the positive impact on the environment or people.

What do I want to say through this? Kairos Moulds may only supply casting powder, but what you do with it, is the value you are going to receive in your life. Our ability that we want to conform into a value in your life is to make this powder available and to give ideas and tips how to dig into your creativity or just how to do cast for someone else…

….. Thank you Danie for your wise insights.