Ballet Shoe Casts
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Ballet shoe casts allow you to create a gorgeous piece of sculpture featuring your ballerina clad in their ballet shoe. From cute gambolling toddlers to fully-fledged professional dancers, a life cast encapsulates forever the essence of this most graceful and poignant of disciplines.

Available in a variety of patinas, or as a plaster cast with a choice of painted finishes.

The foot is immersed in a totally safe moulding material called alginate whilst wearing ballet slippers or pointe shoes. When set, the alginate is still flexible enough to allow (just about) the foot to be wriggled free. It is best to wear a shoe which is slightly too small, firstly to avoid any unsightly creases, but secondly because the shoe may be ruined by the process – so save your old shoes rather than sacrifice your best Bloch’s!

ballet-shoe-foot-cast-plinth-1-225x300 ballet-shoe-foot-cast-31 ballet-shoe-foot-cast-2-11 ballet-shoe-foot-cast-11