Commission a lifecast sculpture of yourself or loved ones to create an heirloom piece of art.
Whether a child, teenager, adult or family piece, a life cast sculpture captures the contours and texture of the human body in exquisite detail. Kairos will then convert those alluring details into a treasured keepsake.

How we take the cast
The mould is taken directly from the model’s body using a moulding gel or a paint-on silicone. It sets within minutes to form a flexible impression. Where appropriate, the mould is then reinforced with plaster, webbing and supports so that the shape of the mould is maintained. The model is then helped to separate themselves from the mould. A Plaster cast is taken from this mould. The rest depends on what material has been chosen to make the sculpture.

Body casting – torso, back, bust and bottom casts
A lifecast can be taken of a torso, back, bust or bottom and cast into a bronze, resin or plaster sculpture. Bronze can be polished or patinated to produce a stunning sculpture. Resin can be made to imitate various metals or stone by the addition of fine powder made from the desired material – bronze and dark slate are very popular. Plaster is offered in natural white, or painted in a choice of colours.

child-back-bottom-body-cast-resin-200x300-2 female-bust-cast-plaster-2

Prices – Child, adult and family lifecast sculptures
Due to the bespoke nature of individual lifecast commissions we encourage you to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.