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Being passionate about the art, We are constantly working on sculptures, trying new techniques, giving classes, ect. Basically, just being artists.

Please feel free to contact us about any of our services & don’t be afraid to enquire about that special, custom art piece that we may not have covered in our website.

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Typical Casts
Pregnancy: Capture this beautiful time of femininity as your body transforms to nurture the new life within.
We will assist you in celebrating this wonderful event with sensitivity and grace, allowing you to remember this exciting time in visual form forever. You can display your beautiful belly in any way you choose – you can decorate it yourself or as a family, or you can commission us to decorate it for you.

Children and Infants: Immortalise your child’s little hands or feet in exquisite and lasting detail.
We work in partnership with parents to ensure that the process is both easy and enjoyable for all.
However, please bear in mind that the age of your child affects the moulding options available.

Body Bits: Experience a tangible reflection of yourself in finest detail, capturing each individual line and texture of your skin. You can display this as a work of art or as a fond reminder of your journey so far.

Lover’s Embrace: Celebrate your love by forever capturing a tender kiss or gently holding another’s hands.
You can choose to mould the sensual curve of the neckline or simply the warmth in your lover’s smile.

PRICING: As every piece is uniquely individual all our prices are by request however to give you some indication as to what to expect:

Complete bodymolding process, including one finished sculpture: Plaster with metallic paint finish Plaster with pro-painted automotive finish Plaster with bronze acrylic finish
Torso (generally mid-thigh to chin) About R3200 About R3500 About R3500
Chest (generally chest area, including folded arms to chin) About R2800 About R2500 About R2500
Bust (generally face & shoulders, sometimes with arms/hands) About R1800 About R2000 About R2000
Face mask(prepared for hanging or mounting) R450 R450 R450
Hands(this will vary depending on size and complexity From R300 From R300 From R300

WHAT NEXT: To find out more or ask about your original and exciting ideas, use our Enquiry Form.
Give us your wildest artistic requests and we will always try to make those dreams a reality in beautiful, unique sculpture for you to treasure.

Prices vary hugely depending on size, pose, complexity, material finish and installation costs.
Time is another factor to consider depending on the chosen material. Feel free to challenge us.

If you would like to organise a workshop for a group, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.