All art requires courage !!!

Lifecasting, also known as bodymolding, is the practice of creating sculptural works from three-dimensional molds taken directly off the human body.

It is an art form that is thousands of years old, dating back to ancient Egypt. Today, we still feel the same compelling reverence for the beauty of the human form and seek to celebrate, honor and immortalize it through our artistic pursuits.

Lifecasting provides a direct access to sculpting that might otherwise be unattainable by most people. The molding materials are completely skin-safe, and the process is very participatory and fun!

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Creating art that creates contemplation and conversation.

Lifecasting preserves a moment in one’s life in a way that no other method can. All of the shapes, details and expressions that make you YOU are captured in amazing detail. Your lifecast can feature any degree of detail you like, from ultra-realistic, to artistically textured, to highly-polished and stylized. The modeling process is a creative and collaborative process between the model and the artists. Through this process, a beautiful and durable heirloom is created that will be treasured and handed down for many years to come.

Pregnancy masks or “belly masks” have become a very popular way to celebrate and memorialize the profound experience of creating human life. Kairos is happy to provide this service, from the simplest plaster gauze impression to a full-fledged lifecasting in our standard process. The simple plaster gauze version captures the basic shapes with little detail, while the molded version captures the pose in very fine detail.

Lifecasting is profoundly capable of creating a deep emotional reaction, such as when one sees a sculpture containing a loved one’s face, a grandchild’s hands, the hands of two lovers, or the impression of a child in the womb. It is different than a painting or a sculpture, as it has actually touched the person that it represents, evoking more emotion and more sentiment than any other art form.

“Great art is something that conveys great emotion or causes a deep emotional reaction.”