3D Casting Kits For Every Occasion

Kairos-Moulds Kits are perfect gifts and loads of fun for Families, Babies, Friends and Couples. Each kit contains all you need to make your moulds and casts.

It only takes a few minutes to make, and lasts a lifetime.

Pregnancy Bump Cast Kit

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Baby Casting Kit

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Mom & Me Casting Kit

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Couple Casting Kit

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Family Casting Kit

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Fabulous. Thank you so much for all your help , especially at this time of night. Highly appreciated!!


Kairos Moulds sell moulds for baby hand and feet impressions among other things. I placed an order on their website at 23h30 on a Friday night and when I couldn’t get the payment selection through, I emailed them – not expecting a reply until the Monday morning in business hours. Carl emailed my back within minutes and got the correct invoice with banking details to me. He shipped my order the next morning and sent me a tracking number. I am blown away!

Lizelle S

Good Work. I love it !


This is awesome. Love your work + your studio


What an awesome experience. I had one done for my parents who are pretty old school but absolutely fell in love with the end product. My kids and I had one done and my son was difficult and he had a perfect cast. Definitely something to recommend to all families and couples to do

Zoe Hoosain

Quick response to my call. Package arrived promptly. The instructions were clear. Follow up questions were answered patiently.
A great satisfaction and pride in the completed project. ..such a novel and different gift for someone dear.
Thank you for my new hobby!


Thank you Carl for the excellent service!
Will give you a call before we start, just to make sure we get the best results.


Thank you so much for the phenomenal service & a great product. You captured my son’s moment beautifully and it’s something I’ll treasure always. Will definitely recommend you to anyone.

Melissa and the boys

It was a great experience ! Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. thank you for your patience with the kids. I will definitely recommend your service

Hello, I just received my order! Thank you SO much it was so quick! I cannot wait to Instagram everything! Will tag your company. @carmen_crous
Thank youuu!
Carmen Cross
Thank you for your speedy assistance and service!
You will not believe how many other suppliers had let me down.
To the point where I almost did not know what to tell my client anymore…
I will definately make use of your services in the future again.
Angelique Nieuwenhuizen
Dit was soooooo lekker om dit te maak!!
Ria Roux

Carl julle is die BESTE!!! Vrydag bestel vanoggend afgelewer in Bloemfontein!!!! Bair baie dankie vir julle AWESOME diens!!!!

Ria Roux

Thank you so very much for your exceptional quick delivery. And OMW the beautiful Christmas packaging! Merry Christmas to to all of you and your loved ones.Thank you so very much for your exceptional quick delivery. And OMW the beautiful Christmas packaging! Merry Christmas to to all of you and your loved ones.Franci Van Heerden Muller

Franci Van Heerden Muller

Thank you so much. Very excited to receive the order.

Marietjie Gowar

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